RIVALS 3.0 Build Introduction

Notes from the Game Designers on team on how to build your dream team:

Being successful in matches now comes down to which champion combinations work best with your strategy, so finding players in the transfer market with the right champion proficiencies is key:

  • Make sure your players know many different champions, so you cannot be banned out of play options completely during matches. Also make sure, that the known champions fit to the role of the player. Ideally, you should have at least one power play option each phase triggering Combo plays from your other champions.
  • Some champions play similar to each other (e.g. Hervedes and The Beast both gank in the Early Game and Feyna and Xer’Vuash both can go for the Hydra in the Mid Game) – a player who knows similar champions is a good basis to build around.
  • Power spikes matter a lot: Use your Early Game Champions to attack lanes with opponent late game Champions at the start of the match, to exploit their weaknesses. If your team is more Late Game oriented, play more defensively like Ward of Freeze in the first Phases, to stay up in the gold race until your power kicks in.
  • Your tactics boost certain plays and decide what play your team chooses when you are not online, so choose wisely.

The build possibilites are nearly endless, but here are two build ideas that you can adapt for your own strategy:


If you want to end the game quickly, before the opponent can get into the game:

  • A Laner (ideally Mid laner) with Bill Terrance and/or Emberwing can bring down very early towers. Use the Focus Towers tactic to focus on their plays.
  • Follow up with Feyna or Xer’Vuash on the Bot Lane or Jungle, to seal the Deal with Hydra plays in the Mid Game. Use the Focus Scaling Tactic. If you don’t want to be online, trying to get Rynx’s Team-Up with the Disturb Tactic, can work well, too.
  • If the opponent manages to hold until the late game, Arkarzor or Powder Jack can bring a quick end with a Fast Push. The Disturb Tactic will support that.


If you want to crush your opponents in the Late Game:

  • In the Early Game, get Sir Odric or Chancy on your Mid Lane or Support Role to defend the lanes. Or at least get a Champion with the Warding play. Choose the Play Cautious tactic to boost your defensive stats.
  • The rest of your team should then have Mid- or Late game power spikes. Feyna, Xer’Vuash or Van Darcula with the Focus Scaling tactics will make decisive Hydra plays or hold on until the late game and wipe out the enemy’s Team with Keyra’s or Xarthan’s Initiate play, supported by the Gank Tactic.


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