RIVALS 3.0 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 3.0!

RIVALS 3.0 Patch Notes

Please get more guides and information read the official RIVALS 3.0 Launch Page!

This is our biggest update ever! A special THANK YOU goes out to our community testers in our official Discord server for working with us to make sure RIVALS 3.0 is fun, balanced, and stable.

Version 3.0 completely changes the match system and provides much more information to help you make informed coaching decisions! Read on to get a quick overview of the changes. For a more detailed explanation of all of the new features, please read our Rivals 3.0 feature guide and the official RIVALS 3.0 Launch Page.

A whole new way to play matches!

Champions now take center stage in matches! Your players now have champion comfort picks which influence which plays your team can attempt in the match. Make sure to scout your opponent to find their comfort picks so you can set your bans accordingly!

More options for coaches!

Coaches can now take more control over matches by selecting Plays while coaching a live match. Players will pick from available plays based on your tactic selection if your

Knowledge is power!

A well informed coach is a force to be reckoned with! The Match Report and Phase analysis give you a play by play breakdown of each match, giving you a deep analysis of every player, phase, play, and outcome!


The changes in this version are so vast that we can’t fit them all here! Come read our 3.0 guide to get a deep dive into every new feature!

Bugfixes & Performance Improvements

  • Towers now go down in the correct order!
  • Tasks and daily login rewards are resetting correctly now!
  • The "Join Match" pop-up comes up each time now.
  • Fixed a display bug that caused some users to show an incorrect number of global ranking points.
  • The vanity items no longer appear doubled when Unequipped.
  • The issue preventing some people from watching ads and crashing the app has been resolved.
  • Double tapping to close the tutorial text will no longer freeze the app!
  • Fixed various text issues.
  • Cleaned up all the camera bugs in matches.
  • Champion rebalancing

Balancing Changelog (implemented after Open Beta):

  • Fixed an issue which made team power (player attributes) not impactful enough on the match outcome

  • Fixed an issue which made team-play bonus and condition too impactful on the match outcome

  • Fixed an issue which allowed too fast rush wins (winning in mid 1)

  • Made the jungler fight again in their own Ganks

  • Fixed several issues with the Turtle Up play

  • Improved some movement/champion reaction patterns for several plays

  • Updated some match end tips

  • Changed default Teamplay Bonus of Scrim and Bot opponents

  • Fixed an issue with Scrim Opponent Teampower

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