RIVALS 2.9.0 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 2.9.0!

This version requires an update of RIVALS from the Google Play store here and App Store for iOS for Brazilian Users. If you don't see the update in the Play Store after the end of the maintenance, try to restart the Google Play app and/or your phone. Google Play doesn't always refresh immediately.


2.9. brought you some exciting new features, and we are excited to see all your up-styled players in the game. But unfortunately there were also some bugs sneaking themselves into the release. Therefore we are releasing 2.9.1. for you now to fix the following things:

  • Fixed a bug where speed-up prices for coaches were not reset back to minimum each day.
  • Fixed a bug where the rewards section did not fully scroll down.
  • Fixed a bug where push notifications are sent even when the app is running
  • Fixed some more graphical UI glitches
  • Fixed a bug where the Jersey colors of players in the transfer market were always changing

We are still hunting some login and performance issues and hope to provide you with an improvement there, soon.


This version has a lot of exiting new features: Now you can compete in additional events, change the appearance of your players and fuse unwanted gear items into new ones. Sounds interesting? Read on!

We have to deal with one known bug: existing staff portrait are fully transparent, i.e. invisible. As their contracts run out and you'll get new ones, you will see them again.


From now on you will encounter events in Rivals, which will challenge you to compete in various tasks against other players, like for example winning the most scrim matches. Your team will automatically take part in these events once you solve the task for the first time (e.g. winning a scrim match once the event has started). Solve the tasks as often as you can before the timer runs out to beat the competition and win awesome prizes.

Of course you will still be able to compete in the Ultimate Rivals ranking, for which we will provide a new set of badges.

But speaking of prizes:

Player Styles

Now you can give your team a uniqe identity and style by changing the outfits of your players. Do you think your players are only really cool when they play with sunglasses? We got you. Shall they have proper beards to intimidate your opponents? We hear you. Need bandanas and face masks to warn the opponents of your badass ninjas? All cared for.

From now on you can gather these style items from the Level 9 Tournament, the Daily Login, some Level-Ups and of course from the new Events!

You can then equip these items to your players in the player detail screen, e.g. via the Match Setup. The items are part of your team, though: If you sell a player wearing them, they go back to your inventory.

In addition you can fuse unwanted style items into new ones. You can access the fusion via the corporate screen or the player styles themselves.

Gear Fusion

As you can fuse style items, you can now also fuse unwanted Gear into new Gear. There is a new sub-window in the Gear screen, where you can select the gear you no longer need. Each selected item will increase your fusing score depending on its value (level, rarity and power of effects). Once your fusing score reaches a treshold, you can trigger the fuse to receive a new random gear item:

  • Score 400: Bronze Gear Package
  • Score 1200: Silver Gear Package
  • Score 3000: Gold Gear Package

Items you used up for the fusing will be permanently removed from your inventory.

This function replaces scrapping or giving away gear, as we announced in earlier versions.

Gear Adjustments

We added offers for random Gear items in the shop. These offers are limited (you can only buy them each 10 times!).

In addition, the item level of the Gear will tell you more directly how good the item is. It is now tied to the best effect on the item. This means an item with only bad effects will be visible directly via a low item level. On the other hand you can also seldomly find items that are slightly above your fame level, so you will need to level up to equip them. To accompany this, we adjusted the effects on newly found Gear a bit: Until now the Gear effect value ranges were very wide. We wanted to match them more closely to the player’s skill values on each fame level. This means, that if you had very good gear for your fame level, you will have to level up a bit until you will find better gear again. On the other hand, if you had bad gear for your level, you will have higher chances of improvements now. Values on level 60 stayed as they are.


  • Fixed a bug where the daily task progress bar did not reset once it reaches the next milestone
  • Fixed a bug where the ongoing scrim match disappeared from the match header
  • Fixed a bug where the condition bar of players was missing in the recreation result window
  • Fixed a bug where he players had wrong jersey colors during training
  • Fixed a bug where the remaining contract time of staff members is displayed as ' { {LENGTH} }'
  • Fixed a display bug on iphones, showing wrong image backgrounds

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