RIVALS 2.10.0 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 2.10.0!

This version requires an update of RIVALS from the Google Play store here and App Store for iOS for Brazilian & UK Users. If you don't see the update in the Play Store after the end of the maintenance, try to restart the Google Play app and/or your phone. Google Play doesn't always refresh immediately.


This version brings you Tournament Events, UI improvements and bugfixes. In addition we localized the game into new languages and work on bigger features in the background, that will still need some more time until we can show it to you all.

Tournament Events

Last release we added Ranking Events to the game. 2.10. one-ups this with a new type of event you will encounter: Tournament Events.

These are special tournaments that are only available for a limited time. They are single elimination tournaments but compared to the normal tournaments you know already, it can have more rounds and more than 16 participating teams. You have to sign up to them during a sign-up period via the Event menu, when you want to participate. You will be notified, when a Tournament Event is available.

When you sign up, your team will have one additional match per day until you lose a match or win the tournament. The matches will happen at a dynamically chosen time slot that fits best for you and your next opponent.

And of course: Special tournaments will have equally special prizes to win!

Player Styles in Team Branding

We found that the current menu for Player Styles was a bit too hidden - especially since you could not really see wether you got a new style to use in your inventory.

Therefore we updated and moved all Player Styles UIs into the Team-Branding screen, which you can find in the Manage menu.

Additional Languages

This addition already happened earlier in the version, but we wanted to give it a proper announcement: You can now play rivals not only in English and Portuguese, but also in French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian and Spanish.

The language will be per default the language you have set in your phone (as long as it matches an available language). You can switch the language any time via the Setting menu.


  • Fixed a bug where gear packages could give out level 0 Gear.
  • Fixed a bug where silver gear packages had no visible icons.
  • Fixed a bug where “ghost” players or styles were shown in various UIs.
  • Fixed several player vanity assets and smaller UI issues.
  • Fixed a bug where the game still said you can increase the staff transfer market slots although you had the maximum Gaming House upgrade level already.
  • Fixed a bug where the cost of speeding up the work of coaches did not reset every day.
  • Improved how the purchase limit for packs in the shop is displayed.
  • Fixed a bug where the reward banner of Ranking Events did not scroll down correctly and caused an error while tapping on it.

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