RIVALS 2.7.0 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 2.7.0!

This update requires an update of RIVALS from the Google Play store here and App Store for iOS for Brazilian Users. If you don't see the update in the Play Store after the end of the maintenance, try to restart the Google Play app and/or your phone. Google Play doesn't always refresh immediately.

We know of a bug on iOS in RIVALS 2.7.0. If the screen stays black after you've launched the game and RIVALS then quits, terminate RIVALS in your "Recent App" view and relaunch. After at most 2 launches it should then work correctly. We are working on a hotfix.


With this Version we updated the global ranking and have our first event, ULTIMATE RIVALS Season 1! In addition, we implemented a lot of your feedback points, especially regarding leagues and tournaments.

Global Ranking Update

We wanted to make the global ranking more interesting for a broader range of users. In addition we saw that the best way to be in the top spots of the current global ranking was a bit contraire to how the game normally plays - and a lot of you agreed with this concern.

Therefore we introduce the following changes:

Ranking Seasons and Ranking per League Level

  • Each League Level now has its own ranking table.
  • The global ranking now runs in seasons, synched with the current League rhythm: Every 2 weeks we determine the winners of each League Level. Afterwards the global ranking points get reset.
  • The winners get announced on our website - you can tap the top Banner of the updated global ranking screen to get there. The website will also explain to you all conditions and which rewards you can get for winning.
  • With this release, we will also have an initial reset of the global ranking, so everyone has a fair starting point.

ULTIMATE RIVALS - Global Ranking Event Rewards

Yes, rewards! The winners of each League Level will get an exclusive badge attached to their team emblem that will display their achievement to everyone else.

You receive badges for reaching a certain global ranking placement in your league level:

  • The best player in the world for each league level will receive a Chroma Badge.
  • The top 3 will receive a Golden Badge.
  • The top 10 will receive a Silver Badge.
  • The top 100 will receive a Bronze Badge.

Each league level has its own unique badge design. You will keep the badges that you have earned until you achieve a higher one in a later season. The highest badge you will achieve by winning the League Level 6 ranking.

Find all details of ULTIMATE RIVALS at the dedicated page: ULTIMATE RIVALS

Leagues and Tournaments

To make the fight for the global ranking positions more fair and interesting, we implemented some updateds to our main competitions.


For tournaments we had the goal to reduce the number of bot matches and to fix an exploit where users can actively reduce their team power to gain easy wins on the back of their high tactic level.

  • Tournament matchmaking is now based on Fame level.
  • The higher your Fame Level, the broader the gap to other teams can be - up to a maximum of 9 Fame Levels. This cares for the fact that there are just less users on higher Fame Levels while still trying to keep the power difference in a range to allow competitive matches (assuming both teams having normal progress for their Fame Level).
  • If the tournament contains bot teams, the user teams are distributed more evenly, so that bot matches happen as early as possible in the tournament. The final match will always be between human players (as long as they defeat the bots).


Our league matchmaking needs to fulfill two conflicting purposes: One the one hand, we need to make sure that each league instance in a League Level has a similar distribution of team powers, to ensure that teams of similar power get promoted or demoted over all instances. This is important to keep the overall balance between League Levels intact. On the other hand, we want you to have fair matches in your league instance, meaning that at least some opponents should have an equal team power to you.

Previously, we did this by selecting teams in Rival pairs, and guarantee that these Rivals end up in the same league, and otherwise spread teams evenly across leagues of the same league level to ensure an equal power distribution everywhere.

After observing this system for a few league cycles, we found that the power differences within a league level are still too high, and there are too many inactive players in higher leagues. Therefore following changes were made to make leagues more competitive and interesting:

  • We increased the amount of Rivals from 2 to 4, so you will have at least 3 other teams of a very similar team power in your league.
  • Teams are marked as inactive earlier, so they so they won't be part of the next league cycle.
  • We reduced the amount of promotion slots for some league levels. This will make the top leagues more competitive and challenging, and it will reduce the amount of unprepared teams that get promoted. This allows for a better power sorting over the Leagues and reduces the amount of bad experiences for weaker teams who could somehow win their League but then have a huge power difference in the next Level. The new promotion slots are:
    • League Level 1: 8 Slots (Unchanged)
    • League Level 2: 4 Slots
    • League Level 3: 2 Slots
    • League Level 4: 2 Slots
    • League Level 5: 2 Slots (Unchanged)
    • League Level 6: NONE (Unchanged)

We will monitor these changes closely and will make more matchmaking adjustments at a later point, if needed.

Additional Improvements

In addition we implemented various other improvements to enhance your game experience:

  • Updated bot teams to make them more realistic:
    • They now have Gear.
    • They now have Tactic Levels higher than 1.
    • Their player’s rarity now matches their strength.
  • New players on the Transfer Market will now have at least one matching champion to their class proficiency.
  • Updated all Infoboxes, messages and confirmation windows to look and work more consistent.

Bugfixes and Optimization

  • Fixed a bug which displayed the Tactic Values in the League Setup Screen being much higher than they really are. Tactic Values shown there are now the same that are shown during the match.
  • Added the correct text desription for the golden random gear pack, showing the correct chances for the different gear rarities.
  • Fixed a bug where the infobox of player attributes was not showing stats correctly. Now you can see the player’s base stats and the bonus from gear separately when tapping on the player’s mechanical or personality stats.
  • Fixed a Bug where Turtle Tactic was creating unwarranted match losses.
  • Fixed a bug where a tutorial weekly task did not take team power from gear into account.
  • Fixed a bug which made newly bought staff stay less than 3 days in your team.
  • Fixed a bug where some users could not collect the reward of their staff.
  • Fixed a bug where some users where promoted incorrectly between leagues.
  • Fixed a bug where training plans were not sorted correctly in the training selection screens.
  • Fixed a bug where the cash reward animation is not played when selling a player.
  • Fixed some bugs where error messages appear during tournaments.

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