RIVALS 2.6.0 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 2.6.0!

This update requires an update of RIVALS from the Google Play store here and App Store for iOS for Brazilian Users.

If you don't see the update in the Play Store after the end of the maintenance, try to restart the Google Play app and/or your phone. Google Play doesn't always refresh immediately.


This release brings you more rewards and the gear system! Gather high-end performance hardware and gain a competitive edge by providing your players with the tools best suited to their needs.


You can now gather and customize the hardware for your team. Gear includes Mouse, Keyboard, PC, Headset and, as a little lucky charm, a Desk Toy. Each Gear item you equip will provide you with bonuses to your players. We’ll leave it up to you to figure out which combination of stats is the best for your team!

You can manage your team’s Gear from the new Gear screen, which becomes available at Fame level 10. From then on, you’ll receive a new Gear item on every levelup. You can receive further Gear from Tournaments and your Daily Login bonus. The higher your Fame level, the better the Gear that you’ll receive.


With the new Gear we also added new reward options and improved the way we present these rewards to you:

  • We updated the level-up rewards:
    • You will now get Gear items as level-up rewards.
    • The gaming house rooms unlock a bit earlier to make the progression and cash management from level 20 onwards more interesing.
  • You can now gain Gear items from the daily login bonus.
  • After you upgraded your Conference Room to level 2 or higher, the VOLT Daily Tournaments will now cost 2 tickets, but will give you new gear items and some Rival Tokens as reward. The winner will also get 2 tickets back.
  • New unlocks from a Fame level-up are now explained in its own popup.
  • In reward messages, the tournament screen, the league screen, the daily login bonus and in the scrim match selection you can now tap on the displayed rewards to get further information about it.


Our programers worked hard to improve the stability of the servers and tournaments and we are applying some more fixes with this release. In addition we fixed the following bugs:

  • The confirmation popup appears again, when you want to speed up a gaming house upgrade, to make sure you are not accidently spending your tokens.
  • The selling price of players isn’t applied twice to your account anymore.
  • Fixed some display issues with feature tutorials.

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