RIVALS 2.5.0 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 2.5.0!

Maintenance for this update at 11:00-12:00am CET on 11th February 2020. This version requires an update of RIVALS from the Google Play store after the maintenance here

If you don't see the update in the Play Store after the end of the maintenance, try to restart the Google Play app and/or your phone. Google Play doesn't always refresh immediately.


This release brings you the Global Ranking and more diverse team members to hire in addition to some tweaks and bugfixes.

Global Ranking

In this new feature you can see how your team is ranked compared to all other teams. It is unlocked with level 4 and you can find it in the match menu.

The global ranking is based on points. Your team receives these global ranking points from playing league and tournament matches. The amount of points depends on your league level, the importance of the match, and the global ranking point difference to your opponent.

The importance is defined by these rules:

  • League matches are more important than tournament matches.
  • Play-off matches are more important than group phase matches.
  • Each round in a tournament or play-off is more important than the previous round of the same tournament or play-off, with the finals of course being the most important.

It is also possible to lose points, especially when your team loses against equal or weaker teams. Though teams won’t lose points in the last 3 rounds of tournaments or play-offs and cannot fall below a treshold defined by their league level.

Teams will start with their League Level times 200 points.

More Diverse Staff & Flags

Our artists have been busy and provided us with a brand new set of styles and colors for our player and staff portraits. You can now find female staff, and a much wider variety of clothes, hair styles, hair colors and skin colors on the Transfer Market.

We also included the country flags of more nations to the branding screen options, so your team can represent any country now.


We also have some more tweaks to the economy balancing, which we did based on our Data and your Feedback:

Reduced the possible overlap of potential between rarities

There were some fringe cases in the transfer market, where the best roll for a player of a lower rarity could be a bit better than the worst roll of a higher rarity - e.g. you could very seldomly find a Pro player that was in raw power and potential better than the Star player next to it. This will not happen anymore.

Please note, though, that you still will find e.g. Star players with lower power than a Pro players. But the Star players will have a higher potential, meaning you can train them to be much better.

Scaling Token prices for players

The token prices for players on the transfer market will now scale with the players potential, meaning players will be cheaper for new users and more expensive for high level users.

As a new user you want to exchange your lineup pretty fast and this change makes the initial investments less painful. While as a high level user you need more time to actually find better players on the transfermarket, allowing you to save up your ressources from tasks and tournaments over quite a while, which the scaling prices take into account now.

And last but not least it also is more natural that better players are more expensive than weaker ones.

Removed basic training

The original purpose of Basic Training Plans was to ensure that users always have a way to improve their players. That was before Tournaments and even before Scrim rewards. With all the new ways of receiving Training Plans, we realized that Basic Training has lost its purpose.

On top of that, it even had some negative impact: It hindered new users to engage with the attributes and training builds of the players and unneccessarily crowded the screens for advanced users, who would mainly use the better specialized training plans.

Clearer coach rewards

Next to removing the basic training we also wanted to give you more agency over your training builds. Therefore, you can now see in advance which kind of training plans your Mechanics and Personality Coaches will create, already before you hire them from the transfer market.

Increased the gains from lower rarity staff

With the last patch we reduced the income of Streamers and Business staff, to have the rewards more aligned with the effort spent on them compared to tournaments and tasks. This created the wanted effects, and we see many of you engaging more with the active features of the game.

But we also agree with your feedback that it made low rarity staff very unattractive and hinders the level-up speed a bit too much. Therefore we increased the output of Rookie, Pro and Star Streamers and Business Developers a bit again.


  • Fixed a bug that could get the game stuck in an infinite loading state when the server returned an error while having a slow connection.
  • The text descriptions for locked gaming house rooms and transfer market slots have a human readable size again.
  • Fixed a bug that made it impossible to inspect the winning team of the current league.
  • Fixed a bug where currency symbols were not displayed correctly in the shop.

No more Stomt Popups

Stomt was a useful tool for us and we received a lot of great feedback from you guys. But since most of you engage with us via Discord, Email and Google Reviews now, we decided to remove these game flow breaking popups.

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