RIVALS 2.4.0 Patch Notes

We released RIVALS 2.4.0!

Maintenance for this update at 2-3pm CET on 20th January 2020. This version requires an update of RIVALS from the Google Play store after the maintenance here


Over the holidays, a massive amount of new players has found RIVALS on the Play Store - way more than we expected! We are really happy about all the great feedback you guys continue to give us. Unfortunately, our backend wasn’t ready for such a large influx of new players, so we have been quite busy improving our scalability.

We have already deployed some backend fixes for Tournaments and League matches a couple days ago. This client update fixes some more bugs, especially with the matches, and adds some quality-of-life features and balancing tweaks.

UI Changes

  • Removed “Coming Soon” / “Unlock at Level 99” placeholder buttons for features that are not yet implemented. We will reintroduce these once the respective features are ready.
  • Trying to buy something you can’t afford now opens a shortcut to the shop.
  • When the current League has ended, the League and Fixtures screen now show you the date when the next League will start.
  • You can now open your branding screen directly via the Management-Menu and by clicking on your team’s emblem in the Match-Menu.

Balancing Changes

  • We wanted to adjust the rewards a bit more towards the effort you have to put into them. Solving Tasks and playing tournaments should be more rewarding than just collecting things:
  • Changed the rewards of the Daily Login Bonus. We especially reduced the number of tournament Tickets and added training plans into it.
  • Instead, you now get a Ticket for completing 7 Daily Tasks.
  • The Fame you get from Scrim-Matches is halfed.
  • The Fame you get from playing Tournament Matches is increased by 50%.
  • Streamers produce less Fame, Accountants a bit more Cash and both got cheaper to hire.
  • Business Developers now produce less Rival Tokens.
  • Furthermore we saw that most users use Star (purple) players very early. We want to stretch the rarity progression a bit more and give Pro (blue) players a bit more time in the spotlight.
  • Reduced the chance that Star (purple) players appear in the Transfer Market drastically for teams with low Fame Level and Gaming House upgrades. Upgrading your Talent Scout Room will increase the chances in the higher levels to a similar value as it was before.
  • Legendary (orange) players will appear a bit more often with Talent Scout Room Level 9.

Match Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug in the match, where the camera could move to areas that were not loaded, showing a black border.
  • Fixed a bug in the match where a highlight could have no players in it.
  • Fixed a bug in the match where the match simulation would calculate an invalid location, causing the camera to go crazy and clip through the ground.

Other Bugfixes

  • Fixed a bug where the game would incorrectly think that there is no upcoming match, even though you clearly have an upcoming League match.
  • Fixed a bug where the league position shown in the Fixtures screen didn’t take the playoffs into account.
  • Fixed a bug where the Tournaments screen would not refresh when a Tournament has expired.
  • Fixed a bug where the Staff details screen would incorrectly show a contract duration of 8 days for all staff on the transfer market. It shows the correct duration now. Staff that you have already hired show their remaining contract duration.
  • Fixed a bug where you would see a scary backend error when trying to start a Scrim that costs condition while some of your active players don’t have that much condition left. You will now see a proper error message instead.
  • Fixed an issue which caused a black screen to appear on some devices when the game gets suspended during a scrim match.
  • Fixed some typos and made some explanations slightly less confusing.

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